Resolving Compliance Issues into Mobile Technology Solutions

PK Technology strengths are in providing better ways of resolving complex issues in the Oil, Gas and Chemical industries. With our roots in asset and integrity management in these fields and the successfulness of our sister companies (PK Industrial & PK Safety), we expanded our internal knowledge and professional skills into real world implementations.

Before mobile devices hit mainstream, we were already thinking about the what-if's in a mobile environment.

Early stages of design and development were somewhat crude...understandable when developing an open ended tool to bend the rules of the norm.

Central focus became key with all the possible potentials.

As a core element of the mobile solutions data collection product lineage, intelliFire™ reached maturity and has become a staple as a successful asset integrity management solution, on and offshore.

With the expansion of offices and tactile acquisitions in the managing structure, PKT has evolved from an in-the-field idea to a stimulating full service institute.

With intuitive finesse and logical deployment, we're resolving compliance issues into mobile technology solutions.