Thermal Insulation & Sound Control Coatings

Mascoat Industrial-DTI is a composite ceramic insulator that’s formulated to provide thermal protection for tanks, vessels, boilers and other facility surfaces up to 400°F (200°C). This premium, multi-use product is a microscopic matrix of air-encapsulated ceramic particles, which are suspended in a high-grade acrylic binder. The coating’s high-tech formulation can be sprayed on as a combined paint and insulation system, improving equipment aesthetics while protecting substrates, safeguarding personnel and preventing corrosion.

Mascoat Industrial-DTI has been tested to ASTM standards and exceeds most criteria for weather ability, adhesion, flexibility and UV resistance. Because of its proven durability and versatility, it is an ideal insulator for storage tanks, vessels, heat exchangers and transfer pipelines in a variety of industries—including paper & pulp, food & beverage, asphalt and petrochemical refining.

Mascoat Industrial-DTI

Mascoat Industrial-DTI is designed to be a multiple purpose coating that solves insulating and Corrosion Under Insulation issues. This thermal insulation coating product fulfills niche market areas of temperatures under 375°F on all types of substrates.

Mascoat Sound Control-dB

At Mascoat, we put your crew’s safety first. Metal machinery and substrates can transmit sound and vibration that’s dangerous to working personnel, so the Mascoat Sound Control family is designed to dampen noise caused by structural translation.

Mascoat Marine-DTM Insulating Coating

Mascoat Marine-DTM is a composite ceramic marine insulating coating that is exclusively designed for thermal insulating and anti condensation protection for the harsh marine environment.

Mascoat WeatherBloc-IC Thermal Insulating Coating

WeatherBloc-IC contains high-quality ceramic and silica particles encased in a high-grade latex emulsion. The result? A spray-on insulating coating that reduces radiative and conducted heat to produce dramatic temperature differentials. Each radiant barrier insulation product goes on like paint, and unlike reflective roof/sidewall coatings, it can be used underneath or on top of walls and roofs.

  • Tanks
  • HVAC
  • Boilers
  • Cookers
  • Pressure Valves
  • Piping
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Steam Lines
  • Processors
  • Vats
  • Heaters
  • And much more...

  • Excellent thermal insulation at low thicknesses
  • Excellent personnel protection
  • Eliminates Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI)
  • Provides anti-condensation protection
  • Allows for inspection ability without removal
  • Easy application to irregular surfaces