50 years of experience in film extrusion technology

Dolci Extrusion is a leading manufacturer of Extrusion machines to serve especially the plastic industries. Based out of Italy, Dolci has been in the film extrusion technology business for over 50 years with over 2500 extruders installed worldwide.

Dolci Manufactures New generation of lines/machines designed using “aerospace industry design methods” (such as computer modelling and finite stress analysis), to withstand to the stress of high speed industrial environment.

Products Offered

Mono Layer > Extruboost

  • High flexibility
  • Reduced energy consumption

Stretch > FBL S3/1800 Star Stretch

  • Model FBL S3/1800 Star Stretch for 1500 mm net width (3 x 500 mm and/or 2x750 mm)
  • Net output: up to 400 kg/hour
  • Model FBL S3/2250 Star Stretch for 2250 mm net width (4 x 500 mm and/or 3x750 mm)
  • Net output: up to 600 kg/hour

Cast Film Lines

  • Stretch Cast Film Lines
  • CPP Cast Film Lines
  • Speciality Films

Extrusion & Coating

  • Single Stage Line
  • Double Stage Line
  • Triple Stage Line
  • Cast Coating